AliExpress Parcel Tracking: How to Track your Aliexpress Shipment/Parcel Fast & Free

If you are a shopper on the Aliexpress website, this piece of information will be beneficial to you, especially if you don’t know how the AliExpress Parcel Tracking works.

Many AliExpress and other platform shoppers have lack trust of shopping online because they believe their shipment doesnt come to them.

This page has addressed the issue of AliExpress Parcel Tracking and collection of your shipment/parcle, including other vital questions usually asked by the shoppers.

Why it is important to track

  • Tracking your parcel gives you confident of shopping more in the future.
  • It enables you to know when or whether to open a dispute (query) for refund.
  • It gives you an idea of when to go for the collection of your goods

How to Track your Aliexpress Shipment with Phone/Mobile App

  • Make sure that you’ve downloaded the AliExpress Mobile app. Or you can download it now using any of the link best described for your Phone.
  • Login using your email address or any of the third-party’s account listed on the Aliexpress Login page.
  • Tap on the “Account” tab.
  • Tab the “Shipped”
  • You will see the list of item(s) you purchased and expecting to receive, for each item has “Tranking” and “Confirm Order Received” button. Select/Tap the Tracking to see where the item.

Image Samples to best explain AliExpress Parcel Tracking with mobile app:

aliexpress item delivered image

This image shows a successfully delivered parcel/shipment. At this point, if the parcel doesn’t arrive at your home then you should go to the post office close to the address in your AliExpress account.

aliexpress item not delivered image

This images shows a shipment/parcel that is still in transit, meaning it hasn’t arrived at your location yet. So you have to keep tracking till you get your parcel.

Understand this;

Unpaid: Here you see the items you have the intention of buying, but maybe your payment wasn’t successful yet – so you can access those items and complete the payment.
To be Shipped: This is successful items you have paid for already. But the seller hasn’t shipped it yet. When you pay for the item, is not shipped immediately, rather it has to go through some confirmation of payment and processing of the item for shipping.
Shipped: This is item(s) you purchased and have been shipped to your country/location. At this point, the item now has its “Tracking Number” and the tracking becomes visible/ready for you to start tracking to know where the item is at every point in time till you receive it.
To be reviewed: This is where you get those items you have received buy you haven’t write a review about it. Also when you receive an item and you fail to confirm it -after the buyers days expires, it is pushed here so that you can make your review.

How to Track your Aliexpress Shipment from Web

Ensure that you have log in to your Aliexpress account from website –

  • Select ‘Orders”. You will find “Orders” under your name or navigate to Account to see “My Orders”
aliexpress orders image
  • Just like you saw on the mobile, the list of goods ordered and beside it you will see “Tracking” and “Confirm Goods Received” button. Click on the “Tracking”

Now you will see where your goods is.

AliExpress Parcel Tracking image

Is more explanatory and advance tracking goods on the web. It enables you to see where the transit started and ended.

From the image you will see a “Delivery Failed” signal, this is because the post-officers failed to deliver to my home address.

Now see another image showing that the parcel is still in transait.

aliexpress goods in transit image
parcel still in transit.

Other Channels to Track your Aliexpress Goods

Depending on the sellers, they can provide several channels aside Aliexpress tracking platform. One of the common one use is 17TRACK. It enables you to track your goods effectively.

The website is a non-English site, so you need a translator to translate to the language y=of your choice. Preferably, use Google Chrome browser to access the website to enable you to easier to translate the site.

Another seller mat also include DHL, or other means to track your goods.

What Information do you need to track your goods on other channels?

Your tracking number only is needed. Go to your Aliexpress account to get your tracking number from the Aliexpress goods tracking page. Besides the tracking number is a button you will tap/click on to copy the tracking number. Then paste it wherever platform you’re using to track.

Collection of Parcel on Arrival

Once your goods are shipped from Aliexpress shopping platform, be pacient, it will definatly arrive to your location. But not to be too expectant to receive goods directly from Post-man at your doorstep.

In some countries and states where things are not taken orderly, your goods may not come to your doorsteps. Perhaps you have to pay for collection even when Aliexpress seller may have indicated shipping is free or you pay for the shipping – which is done instantly as you are paying for the goods.

Sometimes your parcel/goods may have arrived but the AliExpress Parcel Tracking will still be showing “goods in transit”. The best thing to do is to frequently go to the post office close to the address you have in your Aliexpress account you might see that your goods have arrived already.

Also, sometimes the Post Office calls or text you on phone to come to collect your parcel at their office.

You need means of identification to prove ownership of the goods. Any government issued ID card is required for collection. Some may further want you to also provide the tracking number of the goods for confirmation.

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