Bing Webmaster Tool Setup – Submit URL on Bing Search Engine Free

Bing Webmaster tool is a free tool provided by Microsoft that allows webmasters to submit url to Bing and Yahoo, also proving other tools to help grow businesses.

Like Google Webmaster Tool, Bing Webmaster tool also provides great data for webmasters (site and blog owsers) to know how far their businesses have gone, and where to improve.

There are major features you will find interesting using Bing Webmaster Tool (BWT), and they includes;

Disavowing Links: here you are enabled to inform Bing which links you don’t want to link with your business. You mention them by simply selecting those pages, directories, or domains and enter the place that houses the link to your website.

Geo-Targeting: Just as the name suggested, here you are enabled to set up geo-targeting information for all your site, sub-domains, directories or individual pages.

Search Keywords: this is where you see the analytics data on how users interact with on your website. You’ll be able to view the clicks, the impressions, the CTR, the average position when clicked, and the average position overall. Clicking on the View hyperlink shows all of the pages were served up when that keyword was searched on Bing or Yahoo.

Keyword Reports: This is where you get all SEO recommendations to help you make sure your site complies with SEO best practice in order to keep ranking higher.

Inbound Links: This part shows you all incoming links to your websites. The trending information shows whether you’re growing or losing links.

Malware: This is also another important part that informs you of any malware attack that Bing has detected on your pages.

Keyword Research: This is a where you do your Keyword search in Bing, to see their keywords research data to enable you to see the query volumes on Bing and Yahoo for the keywords you’re interested in, along with related keywords which can give you ideas for other areas that you may want to target.

Sitemaps: This is the area where you create and submit your site sitemap to enable Bing to connect and know whenever you make any update on your site.

URL Inspection: Making sure that your site links are crawled and indexed is one important thing we all needs. This is why this part of Bing webmaster tool allows you check for any link of your page to know if it’s crawled and index already, and if it’s not, there is always a quick button to submit for indexing.

There are still more features to help you grow your business. But first, you need to create the Bing Webmaster tool account, verify, and then start other setups. And those are what this page has discussed.

How to Sign Up for Bing Webmaster Tool Account

I personally prefer using my Google Gmail account to sign up for Bing Webmaster Tool account. Its faster and more convinent for me.

But you can decide which way you prefer, either using Gmail,

Step 1: Visit the main Bing Webmaster Tool website page at

Step 2: Click on “Sign Up” button (just below the Sign In button). On clicking that, you’ll be presented with options to sign up with.

Microsoft account, Google account and Facebook account are the available options to sign up or sign in on Bing webmaster tool account.

On this page, I’ll be using my Google account to do this. So click on your prefered option and proceed on the next step.

Bing webmaster tool login options

Step 3: After you have logged in, you see the options of getting started.

Bing webmaster tool submit site options

Option 1: If you’ve already set up Google Search Console (GSC) and its verified, Bing simply accepts you to import your settings and configurations from the GSC. The benefit of using this option is that you are free from further Bing Webmaster Tool verification process, you won’t have to start setting up sitemaps and the rest of them. And it saves you a lot of time, though you can edit after importing if it doesn’t suit your desire.

Click on the “Import” button to proceed with this option.

Option 2: You have to start your set up from scratch, this includes adding your sitemap, setting crawl rate, and more.

To start with this option you have to enter your site URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and click on “Add”.

But let’s start with the “Option 2” since we have a lot to do on it, unlike the import option.

Adding Your Site Manually on Bing Webmaster Tool

Enter your website and click on “Add”.

Add site on bing webmaster tool

Now select which verification Method to use. Like I already exaplined on the Google Webmaster tool set up (you can read it up here), the same methods applies here on Bing.

But let’s explain for Bing too

The methods of verification are:

bing webmaster tool verification methods

XML file: This, you download the file and upload in your website root file. Usually, this option will be convenient if you have access to the server where your site is hosted. Or you can download and send it to your host for them to upload it for you.

HTML Mete Tag: This allows you to add a meta tag to your sites default or Home page. Usually, the Meta tag goes in the section, before the first section of your site theme or template.

But you can also use a plugin – of you’re using WordPress, there are several plugins that can help you insect the mata tag in the without editing any code.

This option is contivent because you don’t have to inform your host, nor ask for any asistance either.

But I don’t like this method is because the Mata tag is lost whenever theme/Template of the site and/or plugin is changed or deleted, it renders the site unverified.

Add CNAME record to DNS: This method also needs you to manually add the CNAME (alias) record name given and value to as

Almost like the “XML file download” – this is information you add or apply on your server. But the reason why I don’t prefer using this method is that whenever you are migrating your site to another host, that CNAME record doesn’t migrate with it.

Among these methods, I strongly recommend you using the “XML file Download”. so your site remains verify in as much your site core files were not mismanaged.

But remember that in order to avoid all this stress you can simply use the “Import GSC” to get all this done. That is if you had already set up Google Webmaster tool account (Visit this page to see how its done).

Click the “Verify” button under any of the method you have chosen to use, but after applying the needful.

You should see a congratulatory notification after clicking on the “Verify” and if you applied any of those (Meta file or CNAME record or XML file) correctly.

bing webmaster tool verify successful

click on “Done” to proceed.

Setting Up Sitemap

bing sitemap setup
  • Click on “Submit Sitemap” to proceed.
  • Now the enter your sitemap in the box provided and click “submit”.

Bing accepts different Sitemap formats, namely:

  1. XML
  2. RSS 2.0
  3. mRSS (Media RSS)
  4. Atom 0.3
  5. Atom 1.0
  6. Text file

Examples of Sitemaps

Similarly, I had explained on Google Sitemap set-up guide that I personally use two versions. Although there are still several of it, the listed below covers the rest of them all.

  • sitemap.xml
  • sitemap.xml.gz

Other sitemap structures includes;

  • sitemap-tax-category.xml – listing all categories on the site
  • sitemap-tax-post_tag.xml – This sitemap list your keyword tags (keyword phrase).
  • sitemap-archives.xml – This sitemap list your archives. Archives are months activities were carried out on your website/blog.

URL Submission

Then navigate to “URL Submission” to start submitting the URLs of your page.

This feature allows you to submit a URL from your website directly into the Bing index. If you have important, new content, use this tool to submit it quickly.

Please note that 10 Quotas are given to submit per day, if exhausted, will reset in 19 hrs. Also, URLs are stored at max. of 10 per day for last 28 days.

Click on “Submit URLs” to open the box you paste or type in your URLs you want to submit.

If you Must submit more than one at a time then make sure to enter one URL per line.

Use the comment box below to express yourself in an area of this page you are confused about. I will respond as fast as possible.

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