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It is important to always confirm Confirm Aliexpress Goods after receiving it. it builds more confident for people to shop from the sellers’ page.

Understand that confirming your item/goods could come as a good review or a bad one. You are reviewing and explaining your experience with the seller and the product in question.

If for example, you received an item but was bad, maybe due to poor packaging – on the confirmation page is an opportunity to air your view for other shoppers and the seller to know about it.

There are several questionnaires you have to complete that will display on the goods/sellers page.

Questions like;

  • How accurate was the product description?
    You have more options to add images of the products or any proof you want to report about. And leave feedback (text) in English or your native language.
  • How satisfied were you with the seller’s communication?
  • How quick did the seller ship the item?
  • Do you wise for your report to appear “Anonymous”?

Please note that the higher the number of stars you choose the better it sounds, And the lower the number of stars selected it means you have a bad experience.

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The benefit of confirming items received on Aliexpress Shopping

  • It exposes the sellers whether for people to trust or distrust the seller, in order word, whether to keep patronizing the seller or not.
  • It builds up your Aliexpress profile to a greater level for more opportunities for you.
  • You get free coins and a discount for your next order.

How to confirm received goods on Aliexpress

I personally find it more convinent confirming and giving my review through the mobile app. Its faster and easy for me to get the images of the items I snapped. But never the less this page has covered for both confirming with the mobile app and on the website.

Confirming on the website:

Make sure you have logged in to your aliexpress account at

  1. Then navigate to your “profile Account” and select “My Orders“, you will land at the “Orders” page where all your orders are listed.
  2. First, you will notice two buttons by the side of every item you have ordered. These buttons are; (a) Track Order, and (b) Confirm Goods Received.

    Go through your orders and click on the “Confirm Goods Received” for that item that you’ve received.
  3. Then click on “Confirm”.
  4. You should get a screen confirmation; “Thank you for completing your order”.
  5. Now you may decide to either “LEAVE FEEDBACK” or “Bank To My Account”. I advise you to leave a review of your experience.
  6. Then submit your feedback.

Confirming on Mobile App:

After lunching and logging into your Aliexpress app, then tap on “Account”.

  1. Tap on “Shipped”
  2. You should see the list of all the item you ordered and by their sides are two buttons, namely; “TRACKING” and “CONFIRM GOODS RECEIVED”. tab on “confirm goods received”.
  3. make sure that only the goods you’ve received are “checked/selected”. Then tap on “Confirm”.
    You should get a screen confirmation; “Thank you for completing your order”.
  4. Now you may decide to either “LEAVE FEEDBACK” or “Bank To My Account”. I advise you to leave a review of your experience.
  5. Then submit your feedback.

You will see a “thanks for your feedback” confirmation on the screen.



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