I have been using CryptoTab Browser for my day to day to surf through the internet, at the same time was making earning Bitcoins. You can click here to learn how to start mining and earning BTC from CryptoTab browser for free.

My mining got to a certain point that i had to withdraw my earned BTC to my Wallet; to confirm if actually its working. And indeed it worked and that gave me more encorragemnet to invest more to boost my CryptoTab Browser BTC Mining using the steps shown below.

But first, note that its not going to be free as it use to be. and boosting your mining speed has different levels and pricese, which is what I have shown below.

Prices for Boosting Mining Speed on CryptoTab Browser

On the plan, there is device limit and bossting limit.

Device Limit:

This is the number of device you can use for the mining. Number of devices starts from 1 to 5 devices.

In other words, one account will be mining on the number of device you purchased cloud boost.

of course, the higher the number of connected devices, the more you accumulate and earn more Bitcoin.


This is the mining speed X-times faster than normal. For example, I will be selecting the X8 Boost, and that implies that my mining speed will be 8-times faster than the default account speed.

How to boost CryptoTab Mining

Already you can start boosting from day one of your mining or you can also do that later.

But it is a waste of effort if you don’t start boosting your mining speed right now. You can see how BTC keeps increasing on a daily bases.

Let’s jump to the reason for this page right now.

Step 1: Launch your CryptoTab browser

Make sure that you have already logged into your mining machine area. Your dashboard looks like that image below;

cryptotab mining dashboard image

Step 2: Apply to Boost Mining Speed

You can see from mine that the cloud boost toggle button is turned off because I haven’t requested. But we are doing it together right now so you see how it works.

Click on the toggle (button) to switch order for the cloud boosting.

image showing cloud boost toggle button

You will further get a pop-up to click and Activate Cloud Boost.

image accepting to apply for cryptotab boost mining

Step 3: Select your preferred Plan

Just as explained above, this is the point you’ll select your device limiting and speed you want.

image showing plans and boost plans

Then click on the CONFIRM once you have selected your preferred and plan.

Step 4: Complete Payment

To complete the payment, enter your payment card details.

image of cryptotab payment page for boost mining

Then click on BUY to submit your Cloud Boost mining request/purchase.

You should get notified that your payment was successfully.

cryptotab payment notification image

Now click on the OK, GOT IT to close the payment notification window.

What Next After Purchasing CryptoTab Cloud Boost Mining?

At this point, go back to your CryptoTab browser and click on the toggle to fully activate the service you’ve paid for.

See image below;

First, you can see beside the toggle showing the cloud boost you purchased.

cryptotab x8 boosting image 1

While the image below shows my CryptoTab x8 cloud boosting plan, after it is turned on.

You can see the speed has changed and the cloud boost icon also is active.

At this point, there is nothing to do from your end. But make CryptoTab Browser your default browser and use it to surf your favorite website, download with it, etc. to fasten and your level of mining.

CLICK HERE to download CryptoTab Latest browser that mines pretty faster than the old version.

Why Bitcoin Mining is profitable on CryptoTab Browser

Remember we use other free web browsers (see list of free browsers for windows and Mac PC here) and we enjoy it without complaining. The same it applies here.

The CryptoTab browser is just like everyother browsers available on the web and it has an extra feature which is “Mining BTC” – even without Optining for cloud mining boost (involving money) you can keep mining and earn free Bitcoins (BTC) in as much you consistenly use the browser as yuour main and day to day browser.

Therefore, an investment you never seems to have invested anything (expect your data which you still consume using other browsers) and you are making cash and earning BTC is it not an unbelivable investment?

Of course it is.

CryptoTab is secured and you can use it, install browser extensions and add-on, etc.

Download your CryptoTab browser here and let the mining begin right now.

Please note that you can use CrytoTap both on your mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

Observations and Conclusion

CrytoTab browser worth trying, nothing to lose out from (mining for free). I have used it and still using it. I have also withdrawn from it to one of my Bitcoin wallets and confirm that it is working. Learn how to withdraw from CryptoTab to your Bitcoin wallet here.

And this led me to investing money into it.

From the last 2-images above, you will notice the speed of mining before switching the toggle and after switching the toggle – there are great differeces between both.

But what I don’t like is the fact that mining has a specific period and time it will mine and stop mining.

The cloud boost mining suppose to continue in as much there is an active subscription.

For this reason, the best time to use your boost should be when you are busy online.

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