Download CloudApp for Mac and Windows PC Free

CloudApp enables you to capture and share instantly with any person or groups. Not only that you are able to and share, with the same app Record your screen as a video with your voice & face, an annotated image, or a GIF and instantly share it as a link to get your point across.

With CloudApp you can show your work with your team and customers quickly and effectively.

You can use the CloudApp for free, it allows you to capture & share videos, gifs, annotated screenshots, Record up to 90-second videos, Access your last 20 drops, Viewer notifications.

But the premium has more to offer; you can go for it to get more features unlocked for you and your team. The premium starts from $8 monthly.

How to Download CouldApp for Mac and Windows PC Free

Simply visit the main website –, then enter your email and click on the “Download Free” button.

screen capture software

Although you can click on the download button without inputting an email, but a new page to register with CouldApp opens.

You can either register with a Google account or Apple account or enter any working email you have access to and create your login password to complete the ColudApp account registration process before beginning to download CloudApp software.

cloudpp sign up form

Sometimes you get a notification at the top of your browser if you are already logged in to your Google or Apple account – notifying you if you would like to continue with that account. Once you allow/click to continue with that account then you just sign up on CloudApp.

You may even prefer to use your organization’s network to log in – by clicking the “Sign up with SSO”.

Once the account sign up and login process is complete, your download begins.

Downloading and Installing CloudApp Software

Note (the folder) where your download is saved. Now locate the folder afterthe download, and click on it to start the installation process.

Click the “Next” to start the installation process. Then go through the settings if there are any of those you would want to change. I pernally like the defualt settings – then keep clicking your next and install the application.

Then click finish to run the app.

You also have to re-login to start using the app.


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