Download EEDC (Enugu Electricity Distribution Company) Mobile App?

The EEDC (Enugu Electricity Distribution Company) covers for residents in Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Abia, and Ebonyi to purchase energy (light) and also be able to submit their complains/queries.

Since most mobile apps nowadays do not include EEDC for the above listed regions to leverage in purchases and payments of their electricity bills. Its would have been of a great advantage to let you know that you can also download the EEDC (Enugu Electricity Distribution Company) Mobile App and still carry out those transactions right in the app if the app had been working as it should.

And to be frank, the EEDC mobile app is disappointing when you see it, there has never been a single positive review about the EEDC app. You can as well check it out and give your comment on this page (below).

It is important to comment because your comments will help educate the EEDC admin to sit up and and do the right thing.

The company has an official app that is only available for android. From the app, you can buy energy (light), do your monthly payment, check your meter balance, etc.

Although there are important missing features that should be included (that is if the app still works); the ability for the app to calculate the amount of unit for any amount inputted (before purchasing) and the ability to let users track their Enugu usage and alert them when its time to top up. That is where bits them all.

Intended Features of the EEDC Mobile App

Calculator: The calculator allows you to calculate electricity bill consumption after inputting the appliance and it average daily consumption.

See Balance: You can see the Unit balance of the meter number in question.

Print and re-Print of Receipt: This is also another advantage of using the EEDC mobile app for your light transaction – access to receipt at all time.

Check History: You will be able to also check the history of the past past transactions carried out.

EEDC Official Website

The main website is – You can also buy your and pay from the main website.

But we always advice you go to any EDDC office or Mobile mobile agents closer to your house to pay so you can get a swift resolution in case there is any complications along the process of there after.

How to Download EEDC main App

You can download it from your Android app store. But may not be able to login if you don’t have a dealer code and password.

That is to say, you need to sign up first to start using the app, but funning enough no signup link to follow to complete the EEDC dealer registration.


My sincere advice is that you use Apps like OPay,, Kudi app, QuickTeller, and your various Mobile Bank apps to purchases and pay your monthly electricity bill due.

The EEDC official website is by far, and more active than the mobile app, sorry we did not include the download EEDC mobile app here because its not worth it as at when this post was published.

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