How to convert Webp Images to PNG and JPEG Image

WebP is an image format employing both lossy and lossless compression, currently developed by Google, based on technology acquired with the purchase of On2 Technologies.

But converting Webp graphics isn’t just the target here. Also, understand that you can as well use the tools below to convert from and to all other imaging formats.

Free sites that Convert Webp Images to PNG, JPEG, and more formats

online-convert image does vetually every things that needs convertions, images, videos, word to PDF, PDF to word or to other formarts, MP3 convertion, etc.

It is my favorite and is FREE! The site is over crowded though but when you navigate to the page, on the life side Menu is where you select what you want to convert.

  1. Convertio
convertio image

This is one simple platform I have found easy and quick to use. Best alternative if you have it difficult to navigate through the site.

Convertio has several formats you can convert our image to. I find it interesting using convertio image converter. You don’t necessarily have to signup before using the free image conversion website.

Zamzar image conversion image

Like you can also convert your image completely free to use and uploaded files are deleted from the server within 24 hours.  It seems you are allowed to upload up to 5 files, after which you can upgrade for a monthly subscription.

List of Image Convert Software Tools That also convert Webp, PNG and JPEG into any format

there are free and paid image software (handles other tasks though) you can use too.

Software like

  • PhotoScape (free and paid version)

Photoscape pro and photoScape X Pro is one of the software out there we use for image editing and can also handle other tasks like image margins, editing and more. It is of three versions; the PhotoScape X pro (paid), PhotoScape X (free) and PhotoScape (free).

  • Photoshop (paid)

Photoshop can not be sidelined when image creation discussion is on board. It is an advance tool used by professionals. To start using Photoshop you have to go for a tutorial class.

And there’re few other software, but it all depends on your familiarity to use them. You could also take the time to learn how it works.

share your experencien about the graphics tools you use on the comment box below.

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