How to Setup Google Analytics Account | Add Site on Google Analytics Page

Consistent measuring and motitoring your bsuiness is one of the effective ways of consistent business groth. These days, only unserious person would be running an online business without knowing what’s working and what’s not.

There is a lot of of measuring tools to help, which most of them are premium. You have to pay heavly to use them.

But Google is here offering this tool for FREE! Yes its FREE!

Google, over the years till date keep adding more metrics and measuring tool in Google Analytics. And the fun of it all is that it’s simple to use and easy to connect with your bsuiness.

And that is the main reason I have created this page, to show you the steps I used to connect my website with Google Analytics.

Features of Google Analytics Tool

  • For Campaign Measurement (Traffic)
  • To Track your Goals (Website conversions & user activity)
  • Get a complete Audience reports (including leting Know who your users are)
  • Flow visualization (Follow every step)
  • Creating Custom reports (and that includes Analytics data, made to order)

You can achieve a lot in your business when using the Google Analytics tool.

This tool also has a Mobile app that you can download to keep you closer to your business at all times. The tools remains complete whether on Mobile or Web.

Creating Google Analytics Tool Account

Step 1. Visit the Google Analytics Page (HERE)

Step 2: Give your account a name. For example, my website is, therefore I’ll prefer using Emyshub as the account name. You make yours so or something different (like your company’s name) instead.

Step 3: Make sure that all the listed Google Analytics data sharing terms and conditions are checked before clicking the “Next” button.

google analytics setup image 1

Step 4: On “What do you want to measure?” You are expected to select any of the option your company or business is represented; it could be website (like mine), App or both (app and web).

They have different interface.

Web: this enables you measure website analytics. All activities happening on your website is measured.

Apps: If you have an app or your business is App optimized, then selecting this option is right for your business to also measure every activities happening around the app.

Web and App: this should be selected if and when your site is built and optimized on both platforms.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I have selected Web because that is the only platform this website is optimized for. Later in the future when I build an app for it, it will be selected.

google analytics setup select measure image

Click on the “Next” button after selecting your preferred option.

Step 5: Give your property a name, Since I initially used Emyshub as account name, now will prefer using

Please note that you can name what you prefer, it has no effect on your site settings, measurement, nor ranking.

Then select (from the drop-down) the industry your business is represented, then set other parts to suit your rigion before finially clicking on “Create” button.

google analytics setup 2 image

Step 6: Review the Google Analytics Terms and Condition, and make sure they are checked.

Then click “I Accept” to submit your agreement.

google analytics terms and condition image

Your Google Analytics account will start creating once you click on the “I Accept”.

You will see the progress of the account creation showing “Successful”, and the notification disapears later.

Now other notification pops-up – Google want to keep a close communication with you. Its your desire to select the prefered information you love to receive from Google. Remember saving your option after the selection.

Setting Up Your Business on Google Analytics

Step 7: Click to Select Your business Platform

google analytics select platform image

From this point, fill out the needful for any platform you select. and that’s all.

Then copy the code give to you and paste in your website theme header or install apps or plugins that will help you connect your website/blog/business with Google Analytics tool.

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