How to Submit Pages on Google for fast Crawling and Indexing

Google Site submission tool is called “URL inspection“.
This is a fast way of submitting your pages to Google for crawling before it is indexed and shown on search results.

I used the word “FAST” because without your effort to submit on Google’s URL Inspection, Google crawler bot will still come to crawl all new link or/and pages found.

But this process of manual submission is like hastening Google to come crawl before its appointed time. Your submitted page will be in queue for index after the submission though. But its important to do it.

This page shows every steps to follow and Submit Pages on Google for fast Crawling and Indexing.

How to Submit Pages on Google

Step 1: Login to your Google Search Console account.

Step 2: Make sure you have added the site you want to submit its contents to Google Search Console (also known as Google Webmaster tool).

I have created a separate page showing a complete steps to add a website on Google webmaster tool here.

Step 3: Also ensure that you have added Sitemap of the site on your Google webmaster tool page. Click here to see article on how to add sitemaps to Google, PLUS the types and sitemaps you can add for fast crawling and indexing of your contents.

Step 4: Now the steps below shows how to Submit Pages on Google.

to start…

Click on “URL Inspection” – you will notice your mouse console activated (blinking) on the URL inpection box. Although you can still copy and paste your links directly in the URL inspection box WITHOUT clicking on the URL inspection menu first.

Step 5: Copy and paste your link inside the URL inspection box, then tap your “Enter” button on your computer keyboard.

Google url inspection page

Step 6: A pop-up comes next showing “Retrieving Data”. AT this point you have to wait to complete the process without any further action from you.

Though this process usually takes less than 5-seconds to complete.

google url inspection retrieving data page

Step 7: Now it’s complete retrieving data. Click on “Test Live URL”

google test live url image

This process also takes a courple of few secodes to complete.

The “Test Live URL” – fetches complete information about the url you’re about to submit for Google to crawl. You will get to know if there is any issue that could affect or stop Google from indexing the link.

If any, the issue will be indicated with Google’s link to learn more about the issue and how to fix it.

On clicking “TEST LIVE URL” there will be a pop-up notification that Google is now testing the url.

Google webmaster tool testing live url

Step 5: Once it completes without error, then click on “REQUEST INDEXING” to finally submit the URL.

google url request indexing image

There may be a security check for you to confirm that you are not a robot, once the test is passed, there will be a pop-up showing notification of “Submitting Request”.

It also takes couple of seconds to complete. And no action is required from you at this point.

Once the submission is completed, a notification box pop’s-up letting you know that Your submitted URL was added to a priority crawl queue and you don’t have to continue submitting the same URL many times as it won’t change its queue position or priority.

Google url inspection submission completed

Click “GOT IT” to close the pop-up.

Then continue submitting other URL(s) on your site that you want to add to Google’s indexing queue.

Things You Should Know About Google URL Inspection Tool

  • One URL to be submitted at a time.
  • There is a limit to how many URL you can submit in a day.
  • Only repeat the submission of a URL if it had issues and was recently fixed. Then you can re-submit for another Google’s review.
  • Its not a guarantee that all your submitted URL(s) will be index or shown on Google search engine results (SER).
  • Always check your webmaster “Coverage” for possible errors that demands your attention. Because any of such may result to Google removing it on SER, but after fixing and resubmitting, Google crawls them again.

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