How to Download Netflix Movies and Shows on Android and iPhone

Netflix is the major one-stop for streaming television series and other movies throughout the world. There will be the moment when you will be unavailable to follow a certain series or watch a certain movie and you will still want to enjoy it after you might have missed it at your convenient time.

There is good news, the streaming service affords you to watch your favourite movie or series offline. We will be talking about how to Watch and Download Netflix Movies and Shows on Android and iPhone

How to Download Netflix Movies

Can you download Netflix Movies, Shows and Series?

Netflix gives room for movies and shows download on its app only. You can watch or stream movies, series and shows on any browser are it is Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox etc but you can’t use them to download movies. So, to download a movie on Netflix, you have to have to b a subscribed customer and must have downloaded its app.

Movies downloaded on Netflix are only saved on the app and not in your phone store, which means, it only works in your account and not on the device you are using. Another thing you need to know is that there are limited numbers of movies that you can download and there is also a limitation on the duration in which the downloaded movie can be played in your account. Likewise, it is not all the movies on Netflix can be downloaded (this will be explained later).

What do you Need to Download Movies on Netflix?

To successful save streaming movies or shows off on Netflix, these are the things you must put in place:

1. You must have subscribed to a Netflix plan

2. You must have downloaded the Netflix app

3. Your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) must be running iOS 9.0 or later

4. Your Android phone or tablet must be running Android 4.4.2 or later.

How to Download Movies on Netflix on iOS Devices

The steps to stream movies offline with an iPhone are below:

Step 1: Lunch your Netflix app on your iPhone

Step 2: Click on the “Menu” button in the top left corner

Step 3: Now tap “Available for Download” in the drop-down list.

Step 4: Go through the contents available for download

Step 5: Select the movie you like

Step 6: After selecting the movie you like, click on the “Download” button.

Step 7: The mobile will begin to download and once it is done, you can now watch it offline.

How to Download Netflix Movies on Android Devices

The following steps show how to download Netflix movies on Android phones

Step 1: Sign in to the Netflix app on your Android device

Step 2: Select the Menu bar

Step 3: Then click on “Download” in the drop-down list

Step 4: Use the Search box to browse for the movie available for download

Step 5: Pick the movie you like

Step 6: Click on “Download” and the downloading process will automatically commence.

How to Automatically download Netflix Movies and TV Series with Android

Netflix recently developed a feature that allows Android users to download movies and series automatically. It is an attempt to keep users updated with new movies and shows even when offline and save them from searching for what’s new always. It should be noted that this feature only works with a Wi-Fi connection. The steps to do this are explained below:

Step 1: Lunch the Netflix app

Step 2: Click on the “Download” icon on the bottom navigation bar

Step 3: Click on “Smart Downloads” at the top of the screen.

Step 4: Tap on the Downloads for your toggle.

Step 5: Ensure it is turned on. That’s all.

How to Watch Downloaded Movie on iPhone:

After downloading the movie offline, you can begin to watch it. This is how you can see the list of downloaded movies on Netflix.

Step 1: Tap the sidebar

Step 2: Then click on “my download”, the drop-down will bring all the downloaded movie

Step 3: Click on the movie you want to watch.

Step 4: You can begin to watch the movie.

How to Delete Downloaded Movie on Netflix for any Device

Deleting downloaded content on Netflix is in two ways. They are;

1. One-by-one delete: This is done by going to ” My download “, then you will click on the video content, swipe left, and you will see an X icon. Click on it and the content will be gone.

2. Delete All: If you want to delete all content downloaded at once, you will need to navigate the app setting tab, then click on ” Delete all download “, confirm icon will pop up, click on it and all download movies will be gone.

Conclusion: Watching a movie on Netflix is a bit more convenient than streaming because you can choose to watch most of your desired movie at your own pace and time. Follow the step stated to enjoy offline streaming on your devices.

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