Job Opportunities: How To Apply For Job Opportunities At Daily Trust

Are you looking forward to beginning a career in journalism or you are creative, talented and passionate about journalism? There are ongoing job opportunities opened for you at one of the leading national newspapers in Nigeria, in Daily Trust. We shall put you through the type of role available and how you can apply.

Job Opportunities

About Daily Trust Limited

Media Trust is a privately held Nigerian newspaper publishing company based in Abuja that publishes the English-language Daily Trust, Weekly Trust, Sunday Trust and the Hausa-language Aminiya newspapers, as well as a new pan-African magazine, Kilimanjaro. It is one of the leading media companies in Nigeria. The newspapers have online editions and content from the newspapers is republished by AllAfrica and Gamji.  The company presents the “Daily Trust African of the Year” award, recognizing and celebrating Africans who have made positive contributions that affect the lives of other people and have attracted pan-African attention during the award year. It has a charitable arm, The Daily Trust Foundation which was established in 2016 to provide scholarships to promising young journalists and women enrolled in medical schools, and to finance economic empowerment projects and humanitarian services in northern Nigeria. The foundation is also in partnership with some civil society to provide more investigative reportage so as to reduce and curb corruption in the society.

What are the Vacant Roles Available at Daily Trust Limited Job Opportunities

There are three roles declared vacant at the media house. They include:

1. Digital News Copy Editor

2. Online News Editor

3. Multimedia Journalist

What are the details of the Job Opportunities

Let’s now look at the details of the job as stated by the media house.

1.  Digital News Copy Editor

Basic Requirements For The Job Opportunities

Applicants must have the following;

  •  have the qualities of being a team leader
  • have the ability to source very compelling lead and other top stories.
  • be able to turn regular and routine news items into big and in-depth reports.
  • possess impeccable English writing skill and have copy editing and re-writing techniques.
  • possess ability to be a self-starter who can generate story ideas.
  • must be able to assign, commission and guide reporters to do good, accurate, unique and unbiased stories.
  • have the ability and skills to enrich and contextualise news reports.
  • must be very meticulous and should be able to identify gaps in news items and ensure same are filed appropriately.
  • must be able to separate the wheat from the chaff; that is, select and publish only quality stories that are of interest to the readers.

Academic Qualification and Experience For The Job Opportunities

All applicants must have;

  • Minimum of a degree in Mass Communication, English, Social Sciences or any relevant subject
  • Minimum of four years’ experience

Other Details About the Job Opportunities

The role is opened for all locations within Nigeria and it is a full-time job. Salary is said to be competitive.

2.  Online News Editor

Basic Requirements For The Job Opportunities

Applicants must:

  •  have the qualities of being a team leader
  •  must be on top of news and events as they happen
  • be capable of supervising and coordinating editorial duties
  • be able to discuss assignments with reporters and guide them on how to execute the tasks
  • be able to assigns, edit and post stories to the website
  •  be very meticulous and should be able to identify gaps in news items and ensure same are filed appropriately.

Academic Qualifications and Experience

Applicants must:

  •  be able to translate Hausa into English and vice versa
  • possess a minimum of a first degree in Mass Communication or English Language or any other relevant discipline.
  • have been a well experienced reporter who has covered sensitive beats
  • have minimum of five years’ experience

Other Details: There is no location barrier as anyone within Nigeria can apply and the is said to be permanent. Salary is attractive and very competitive.

3. Multimedia Journalist

Basic Requirement:

Applicants must:

  • have a track record of reporting and writing in English.
  • have a vast understanding of Nigeria, its media market, audience, and digital trends.
  • be able to generate, write, edit and publish compelling and original multimedia content across all our platforms in English or Hausa
  • knowledge of any audio, video or photo editing software programme
  • be able to cover breaking news and live events in person or in collaboration with reporters on the field
  • be able to translate content from English to Hausa and vice-versa
  • be able to contribute in generating ideas and planning for coverage as well as collaborating with other sections within the newsroom to ensure effective use of resources
  • be able to research  and package stories that appeal to young audience across platforms
  • be able to reversioning content for English platforms and external partners
  • be able to source and interview potential news sources and high-profile guests
  • be able to work with reporters to commission and write engaging features and news analysis
  • be able to monitor trending topics on social media and writing stories that will appeal to digital audience
  • be able to work in collaboration with digital editors on any task that may be assigned

Academic Qualification and Experience

  • Minimum of a degree in Mass Communication, English, Social Sciences or any relevant subject
  • Minimum of four years’ experience

Other Details: The potential applicants can apply from anywhere within Nigeria. The contract is a fixed term and the salary is competitive.

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Documents Required to Apply for Roles at Daily Trust Limited

1. Email Address

2. Curriculum Vitae (PDF format)

3. NYSC Certificate

How to Apply for Daily Trust Vacant Roles

The application process for the roles available at Daily Trust is online. The following steps will guide you through:

Step 1: Log on to:

Step 2: Click on the Role you wish to apply for

Step 3: Fill in the information required

Step 4: Fill your NYSC Number

Step 5: Upload your CV

Step 6: Confirm you are not a robot

Step 7: Now, “Submit”. That’s all

Conclusion: Daily Trust is a good company for you to develop your journalism career, that’s is why you need to give this opportunity a try. You should not pay anybody for the application as it is totally free. Good luck!

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