Signal App Messenger Download | Use Signal App on Mobile and Desktops

Signal Messenger App is a great communication app; for instant messaging, video and audio calling, sharing all kinds of files. Virtually everything that can be done on Whatsapp and Telegram – is equally available on the Signal app.

The connection, however, is what differs when compared with Whatsapp. Just like Telegram, information is stored in cloud and accounts are synchronized (when connected).

Signal is a cross-platform encrypted messaging service, enabling registered user send one-to-one and group messages in form of text, file sharing, voice notes, images and videos. Since the launch, There has been a viral argument that Signal is more secured than WhatsApp.

Getting Signal App Messenger

The app is available for Android and iOS devices. The more interesting part of the Signal app is that it can be used on computer devices.

You can download the app from the Signal main page here. Selecting the options best for your devices.

Connecting to Signal Account

After the app is downloaded and installed onto a mobile phone, the Phone number is required to complete the registration process. Also during the registration process, a code is sent to the phone number for account (phone number) verification.

Using Signal on Other devices

There has to be a connection to extend the Signal app usage to other devices such as desktop computers, laptop or and other possible devices that Signal work on.

In other words, to use the Signal desktop app, Signal must first be installed on your phone.

WhatsApp App vs Signal App

Whatsapp only works on other connected devices ONLY if the main account on the mobile phone remains connected to the internet. But Signal charged that perception, in such that you can switch off your phone or data while the other connected devices remain active to continue communication.

That means once another device is connected, it doesn’t matter whether the original device is off or not, users can comfortably continue using the Signal chat message on those connected devices.

In the meanwhile, the only similarity is that the user will still have to scan the QR code with the device intended to connect.

The steps below shows step-by-step on how to download, install and start using Signal on a computer.

How to Download and Connect Signal App Messenger on COmputer

Step 1: Visit the Signal app messenger download page here, select the version of your device that you want to install the Signal app.

Step 2: Save the download, locate where the app was saved in your device and click the icon to start the installation.

Step 3: Different ways on Android and iOS, to get to your QR code

For Android:
→ tap on the THREE DOTS (that is the Menu)
→ Signal Settings
→ Linked Devices
→ ‘+’ Button
→ place your device to scan
→ tap on “Link device”


On iOS (iPhone and iPad):

→ tap on the THREE DOTS (that is the Menu)
→ Signal Settings
→ Linked Devices
→ Link New Device
→ place your device to scan
→ tap on “Link device”


Step 4: Give your device a name, this will help you to keep your linked devices organized and to enable you to know which one, in particular, you may want to unlink (delete) in the future.

Step 5: Wait for the Newly linked device to synchronize your chats, groups and files – so you can access them from the linked device.

Now you just complete the connection of your account on another device. Enjoy!

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